King of Clubs

King of Clubs

King of Clubs



King of Clubs - Box Cover
  • 9 Nightclub Cards
  • 20 Dancer Cards
  • 20 Moves Cards
  • 4 Disco Ball Point Cards
  • 1 Lead Dancer Card
  • 1 Rule Summary (PDF)

The Story

The air in the city is electric as the hottest nightclubs host evenings of intense dance competitions. You're the manager of the best new dancers on the scene, ready to show off your team's sweet-sweet moves. Winning at a nightclub will earn your team prestige for the night, most prestige wins a point. Win five nights of dancing to be crowned the King of Clubs... but to earn your points, you have to dance!


King of Clubs is a fast paced battle of wits for 2 or 4 players. Each player has an identical set of cards to play with; bluffing, deception and reading your opponents play style are keys to victory. The gameplay is simple, but the strategy is deceptively deep.

How to Play

The rule book can be found here (pdf). It's still a work in progress and will be updated with visual examples shortly. Your feedback is certainly welcome.
Players each have a team of five dancers, skill levels 1-5.

Each evening (round), four random Nightclubs are holding dance competitions, each worth a number of prestige points. Nightclubs of the same value are paired up to form a Couples Dance.

Players secretly select which Dancers compete at each Nightclub, sending two Dancers to each Couples Dance, keeping one as a Backup Dancer. In increasing order of prestige, Dancers are revealed.

Starting with the Lead Dancer, players may then take turns performing sequences of Moves to modify their Dancer's skill level. Players can chain together more moves in a sequence until they pass. (This only happens during the second round and beyond)

The Dancer with the highest skill earns prestige from that Nightclub. The Dancers at the next highest value club are revealed next (and so on) until all Dancers are revealed The player who earned the most prestige in the round earns one Disco Ball point. Players then draw Moves based on which Dancer was kept as their Backup Dancer, and another night of competition begins.
Adapt, bluff and predict your opponent's moves to win during the following rounds.
The first player to earn five points wins the game... but remember, to earn your point, you have to dance!


Download the Rule Book (pdf)
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  • Game Design: Ben Harkins
  • Illustration: Kelly McClellan
  • Graphics: Peter Wocken
  • Playtesting: Justin Stone, Nate Anderson, Randy Longhorn, Mark Maruska, Chris Heuer, Jon Quarfoth, Jax Sperling