When heroes are slain, their treasure-filled storage vaults are abandoned and put up for auction. As an aspiring hero, you must outbid your opponents to win these auctions and acquire the gear you need. Will you triumph by collecting a chest of gems and artifacts, or go home with a trunk full of junk?

Outbid, out-bluff, and master the auctions to be victorious in
Vault Wars.

Vault Wars

Vault Wars

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Gameplay Overview

Players will take turns as an Auction Master, leading a cut-throat bidding war to selling off Vaults full of items to the other players.

  • Each Vault provides a unique experience, introducing new ways for the players to bid.
  • No player quite knows everything that's in a Vault, and there's lots of junk to fool your opponents into bidding on.
  • Between auctions, players may sell off their items to gain Gold, or save them for Victory Points -- paying storage fees to keep them around.
  • Collect gems for massive Victory Points, Weapons to gain a pile of Gold, or rare Artifacts to gain powerful abilities.
  • Each player has aspiring hero cards, each giving out bonus victory points for specific items (try to keep them a secret from your opponents).
The player with the most victory points after all the auctions will be the winner!

Vault Wars is a bidding and bluffing game for 3-5 player that plays in less than an hour.

How to Play



Download the Rule Book (pdf - 1.7mb)
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  • Game Design: Jon Gilmour
  • Game Development: Ben Harkins
  • Illustration: Kelly McClellan & Jacqui Davis
  • Graphics: Peter Wocken Design
  • How to Play Video: Jamin Brunner
  • Photos: Dave Eckblad
  • Playtesting: Travis Magrum, Matthew Daggett, John Burns, Joe LoPresto, Earl Tietsort, Ian Moss, Nicholas Rausch, Nate Anderson, Justin Stone, Mark Maruska, Emily Tinawi, Benny Sperling, Jax Sperling
  • GATECRASHER Playtesters: David Hernandez, Orliris Negron, David Alejandro Hernandez, Matt Miller, Michael Dickey, Rebecca Wood, Benjamin Hernandez, Brandon Nall, Chris Fairfield, Jonathan Baker, John Lowell, Johnathan Emery, Stephen Capenos, Rafael Cordero, Ryan Cullen, Kate Cullen, Kevin Zhou, James Davidheiser, David Salerno, Garrett Brennan, Zachary Eagle, Tyler Dahl Nolto, Carrie Whitlock, Chad Campbell, Trent Barton, Nathan Gura, Jeremy Cook, Andrew Morari, Dexter Thompson, Mitch Coffin, David Johnston, Cody Kurz, Mark Cormack, Collin Fusco, Gina Lowell, Nathan Poellet, Sarah Metts, Megan Campbell, Mary Horvath, Sam Sowell, Jags Bhattle, Austin Chung, Tammy Yeung, Jessica Metts, Joseph Horvath, Amy Liu, Matt Burns, Corey Jepperson, Robert Woollins, Peter Antoniak, Adam Brock, Sara Samuel, Joe Costa, Peter Møller, Zach Armstrong, Mark Rickards, Emil Nygaard, Russell Garcia, Shawn Rose, Dennis Haight, Connor Taylor, Jeremy Fredin, Josh Reed, Michael Mangum, Stephen Schuyler, Michael Dochney, Norman Belza, Tonya Salerno, Marta Jepperson, Trent Swindells, John Woollins, Micah Ritchie, Justin Johnson, Rachel Brock, Alexandra Slawin, David Trost, Dennis Thorup, Matthew Frucht, Alex Hilbert, Noah McBrayer Jones, Jamie Heintz, Kelly Lusk, Anny Hu, Edward Hu, Jason Lamyuktseung, Jesse Paine, Paul Roy, Dillon Bienusa, Anders Sorgenfrey, Noel Szczepanski, David Gallub, Matthew Lohse, Josie Lohse, Devin Lohse, Brock Sides, Anrhony That, Scott Menke, Carsten Sass, Andy Gura, Chelsea Mccray, Ricardo J. Hernandez, Christina Hernandez, Joseph Lee, James McKane, Taylor Nolan, Tina Trillitzsch, Diana Zhu, Florian Graessle, Leonardo De Luca, Caroline De Luca, Robert Boss, Diana Boss, Rourke Anderson