Legacy: Forbidden Machines

Legacy: Forbidden Machines

Legacy: Forbidden Machines



Requires Legacy: Gears of Time to play Legacy: Forbidden Machines - Game Components
  • 79 Technology Cards
  • 4 Character Cards
  • 7 Reward Modifier Tokens
  • 4 Extra Turn Tokens
  • 1 Spliced Timeframe
  • 1 Capacity X Marker
  • 12 Failed Technology Markers
  • 1 Rule Booklet (PDF)
Legacy: Forbidden Machines - Box Cover
Box Cover
Legacy: Forbidden Machines - Box Back
Box Back

The Story

Vesper, the dark energy fueling the Ancient Machine, is growing out of control, eroding the timeline and causing it to crumble faster than ever. Restoring balance is imperative. To do so, the Antiquitects must break their oath and create the Forbidden Machines - powerful contraptions they were sworn to never bring into existence!


The Forbidden Machines expansion uses all the familiar rules and components from Legacy: Gears of Time and includes a whole new set of technologies and characters. Many new technologies introduce Activation abilities; powerful game effects you can use when travelling back in time to Build Your Legacy. Experience the rise of powerful new technologies in Legacy: Forbidden Machines. A strategic card game expansion of time travel and technology for 2 to 4 players. Requires Legacy: Gears of Time to play.


Grey Elephant Gaming

Tim Norris

Crits Happen

Scot "Tox" Morris

Geek Dad Reviews
"If you like time travel stories, it’s definitely worth picking up."
Indie Cardboard
What I Think - Jason Dobson
"tremendously fun"
Blog Critics
Board Game Review - Jeff Provine
"Forbidden Machines makes the mind ripple with possibilities never seen in our timeline."
Craig Vollmar
Legacy: Forbidden Machines - Preview
"This expansion adds depth, broadens the strategic options, and heightens the interaction without introducing much complexity or unnecessary mechanisms."
Isaac Childres
A Timely Evening with Legacy: Forbidden Machines
"There's a learning curve built right into the game and it's genius."


Download the Rule Book (pdf - 3.9mb)
Download the Tech-Tree Poster
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  • Game Design: Ben Harkins
  • Illustration: Steve Maggart
  • Graphics: Peter Wocken
  • Stories & Flavor Text: Jeremiah Cheney
  • Playtesting: Craig Vollmar, Tim Norris, Nate Anderson, Ken Stovovich, Josh Slivken, Mark Maruska, Benny Sperling, Jax Sperling, Chris Heuer, Fir, Jon Frederiksen
  • Photos: Dave Eckblad, Jason Dobson